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The home and small building design industry of Nova Scotia is based primarily on designs of structures that fall within of the scope of Part Nine of the National Building Code of Canada. Despite the increasingly growing frequency of condominium living, there is still much opportunity for sales within the Halifax home and cottage industry as well as designs for small business buildings.

Trends Show

There is a strong desire in Nova Scotia to:

  • Live in a modest custom designed home
  • Maximize energy efficiency
  • Build on a rural lot
  • Commute to work from a subdivision
  • Work from a home office or attached shop
  • Work directly with a small builder or self-manage a new home or business construction.

There are many contractors and sales agents who supply work or services to site for self-building owners.

By networking with this contractor base there is additional opportunity to help connect owners to contractors.

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Contractors and other agents may include:

  • Builders
  • Sub Trades
  • Material Suppliers
  • Engineers, Architects, other types Designers
  • Members of the Real Estate industry
  • Banking, Accounting and Legal Professionals