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House Plans


Richter Designs builds customer confidence based on service and efficient pricing.

Richter Designs will provide construction plans for houses and other buildings, allowing customers to streamline the design period into a few simple meetings and without stressful price negotiations.

Pricing Information

(Firm quotation will be provided at initial meeting)

  • Unfinished basements are included into foundation plans
  • Minimum deposit of 25% (not less than $200.00) will be required
  • Prices for house plans may vary slightly from below

One Storey

$800.00 for (Basic design) – One Storey plans less than 1200 sqft.
– Add $200-$300 for one storey plans over 1200 sqft.

Two Storey

$900.00 for (Basic design) – Two Storey plans less than 2400 sqft.
– Add $200-$300 for two storey plans over 2400 sqft.

Prices include the following:

  • Meetings and consultation time
  • Printing costs for 5 copies of final plan
  • 11" X 17" (max:13X19) final copy paper size (Please note: Preliminary draft plans may not be formatted to 11x17 paper, ie: if emailed)
  • One semi-major revision after completion of final plans. To be discussed.
  • Four elevation sheets ie: front, rear, left, right
  • Main level plan
  • Upper level plan, for two story design
  • Foundation level plan with basement level, if included in quote
  • One sectional sheet, minimum required for permit and construction purposes